Yooneek’s Ultimate Unisex Leg Sleeves


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By Amy Lignor

Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves deliver massive benefits to enhance your active lifestyle.


High-quality leg-sleeve benefits cannot be overlooked, and Yooneek’s FIR-SKIN Leg Sleeves are the perfect solution for women and men with an active lifestyle.  Offering a wide range of uses that many consumers overlook, Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves are perfect for running, cycling, weightlifting, basketball, softball, volleyball, and so much more! Plus, they are also a great base layer to wear under your clothes during colder months in order to experience warmth and protection while running, exercising, hunting, fishing, hiking, or simply wearing on chilly days.

Yooneek Unisex Leg Sleeves will enhance your active lifestyle!

Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves are Unique!

Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves for Men and Women are not just a tight compression garment like many inferior products on the market. You deserve more! Their FIR-SKIN T+ 320 fabric delivers significant longer-lasting benefits to you.

Every one of us emits Far Infrared Rays (FIR).  FIR is moving through our bodies, absorbing and emitting those rays, much like a “mini-sun.” By utilizing FIR-SKIN T+ Fabric®, a high-tech textile fabric infused with Titanium fibers, the Yooneek Leg Sleeves enhance the body’s own FIR emissions and, unlike other thermal insulations, reflects the energy you are losing back into your skin.

Yooneek Delivers Unsurpassed Warmth, Comfort, and Protection

Plus, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) fabric can affect cells it does not touch through the vibration of the cells the fabric does touch. These cells transfer FAR Infrared energy they are receiving to the cells that they are in contact with at all times. Yooneek’ s leading fabric technology and design in their Leg Sleeves provides warmth without bulk, enabling muscles to work harder for longer, enhances better muscle recovery, improves body metabolism and blood circulation.


Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves Provide Even More Benefits too!

With the superior fabric and design, Yooneek’s leg sleeve provides the perfect fit for mobility, support and keeps your muscles and joints warm during a variety of movements. The durable, 4-way stretch with spandex and comfort of the FIR-SKIN T+ Fabric is so comfortable, and you can wear them all day long. The silicone band keeps the leg sleeves in place too!

In addition, Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves are also great to sleep in because as you sleep, the FIR-SKIN T+ Fabric is working, your body is absorbing the warmth, and this benefit greatly assists with muscle recovery, increase blood circulation, reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness after a fulfilling, active day.  Your muscles will be pampered all night long, allowing them to regenerate and work harder for a longer period of time.

Yooneek’s Ultimate Unisex Leg Sleeves Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves deliver massive benefits to enhance your active lifestyle.

Great fit and comfort!

With SPF 50+ sun protection that guards against 98% of UVA and UVB rays, your muscles will feel better, and you will improve your body’s metabolism. Plus, they are Antibacterial and anti-odor for long-term wearing.  Available in black (sizes S, M, L, and XL), Fir-Skin T+ Men and Women Leg Sleeves are ultra-soft, incredibly comfortable, and are exclusively available at Amazon.


Become Yooneek today!

Yooneek’s Leg Sleeves are perfect for men and women who demand the absolute best products to enhance their active lifestyle and desire improved warmth, flexibility, muscle recovery, and a product that not only works but looks great too!

Check out all of the Yooneek Products today at www.YooneekProducts.com, including leg sleeves, gloves, and their new Xmarr line of braces to enhance your active lifestyle indoors and outside with confidence. Keep up with the latest news and information at Yooneeks’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts too!

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