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By Amy Lignor

Heralding Two Florida Success Stories


Everyone knows the Yamaha Marine name, not to mention the company’s amazing line of products marketed throughout the U.S. and around the world. But Yamaha Marine U.S. has even more to be happy about as they announce two hard workers who have succeeded in completing the incredible Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program (YMAP) offered through their very own university.

Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program Heralding Two Florida Success Stories incredible program provided by Yamaha University is a tough one


What is YMAP?


Glad you asked. This incredible program provided by Yamaha University is a tough one. A student is required to complete four thousand hours of comprehensive, hands-on study that focuses on Yamaha outboard technician training and is supported by an online platform. This monumental task is achieved by pairing seasoned mentors in dealership service departments with novice technicians to help them learn the essential skills they will need to further develop their careers in the marine industry.


Congratulations to Dustin Bearden of Sunshine Boats and Motors


In Tallahassee, Florida, on August 6th, Sunshine Boats, and Motors, in conjunction with Yamaha Marine. announced Dustin Bearden to be the first apprentice to complete the program successfully. Dealership owner and Yamaha Master Technician Pete Magnuson served as Bearden’s mentor, and he speaks highly of his student. “We’re incredibly proud of Dustin’s accomplishments,” said Magnuson. “Dustin plans to continue his training as he works toward his Yamaha Master Technician certification. And once he has achieved this goal, Sunshine Boats and Motors will have three master technicians on staff, including Dustin, co-owner Marvin Lawler, and myself. Our ability to serve our customers only improves with Dustin on board.”

Magnuson first learned about YMAP through Jeff Crain, his Yamaha Marine District Service Manager. Together, Crain, Magnuson, and Bearden studied the software until both mentor and apprentice were in the habit of logging hours every morning. Magnuson went on to state that, “Jeff was also an invaluable resource for us. He’s the one responsible for making sure this program was registered with the state of Florida, as well.”


Bearden Weighs in on his Accomplishment


Though Sunshine Boats and Motors is a smaller shop, its 25-year presence in Tallahassee makes it one of the more established shops in the area. For Bearden, the experience of working side-by-side with a knowledgeable mentor is invaluable. “When I graduated from trade school, I worked with a career services representative to try to find a dealership close to my hometown of Thomasville, Georgia,” said Bearden. “Sunshine was a perfect fit. Working with two master technicians in a small shop setting and leveraging the tools we had through YMAP, I was able to gain a lot of experience in a short period of time.

I look forward to completing my Master Technician certification within the next two years. This program has, without a doubt, put me on a fast track to solidifying my career as a successful technician.”


Congratulations Also Go to Josh Turner of Harbor View Marine


October in Pensacola, Florida, was a good one for Josh Turner, who completed the YMAP as well. A graduate of George Stone Technical College with a background in customer service, YMAP served as a tool for setting milestones and achieving his goals. It helped to diversify his workload by requiring him to gain a broad base of marine technician experience. The courses that touch on service management and service advisory roles have made a difference in how he approaches his work.


Josh and Mentor, Robbie Lockhart, Talk About the Mission


“YMAP promotes teamwork within the service department,” said Lockhart. “If advisors know their technicians have completed the training needed to get the job done, they’re more confident selling the service for the dealership. If technicians understand the questions advisors must ask to identify the job, they become more comfortable completing the task at hand. Without a doubt, Josh has become a valued member of this team through the YMAP program, and we are proud of his accomplishments.”

Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program Heralding Two Florida Success Stories incredible program provided by Yamaha University is a tough one

Turner raves about the experience. “YMAP includes courses that go beyond just being a technician doing the job,” he said. “As a new technician coming out of a customer service-centered industry, I like the fact that the courses teach technicians how to communicate with service advisors and customers. I have participated in many courses, and I have to say that, with all of the training out there, Yamaha’s curriculum is definitely the best! I plan to leverage what I have learned to become the best technician I can be and, hopefully, work my way up to become a service manager myself one day.”

To learn more about the Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program, visit: ymutechs.com, or call 800-854-4876 (Option 3).

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